Hubble | Banning | Buffalo Intersection Improvement

Project Description

Project Description:          

In a partnership between MoDOT and the city of Marshfield, a new roundabout will be built at the intersections of Webster County Route CC (Hubble Drive), Banning Street and Buffalo Street as early as 2019.

A one-lane roundabout will be built at the multi-legged intersection. During construction, much of the work will take place away from traffic. Toward the end of the project, drivers can expect lane closings, traffic shifts and possible road closings as contractor crews connect the existing roads into the new traffic pattern. MoDOT and the City will keep drivers informed about expected traffic impacts on this website along with news releases to the local media outlets. Regular updates also will be posted to the two agencies’ social media sites.  

The roundabout design is a good option due to the close proximity of the two city streets as they intersect Route CC. The new roundabout will tie the three roadways into a traffic circle. Drivers coming into the intersection will yield to traffic already in the roundabout. Roundabouts are safer alternatives to conventional signalized intersections because they slow traffic as it approaches the traffic circle. Also, drivers only need to look to their left to see oncoming traffic instead of three or four other directions as they enter a conventional intersection. Roundabouts reduce the severity of crashes due to the slower pace of traffic navigating through a roundabout.  







Cost Share Application


Cost Share Application Submittal to Missouri Transportation Commission.

Executed Agreement


06/08/2017 – Executed Agreement for Engineering Services with Great River Associates, Inc.

Executed Agreement


12/21/2017 - Executed Agreement for Supplemental Agreement for Engineering Services with Great River Associates, Inc

Cost Share Agreement


Executed Cost Share Agreement Between City & MoDOT

Preliminary Plan Approval


Preliminary Plan Approval



Design Hearing

ROW Plan Submittal


ROW Plan Submittal to MoDOT

Design Hearing


Commission Design Hearing Approval

Row Plan Approval


ROW Plan Approval

Final Submittal


Final Plan Submittal to MoDOT

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Letting Date

Construction Complete


Construction Completion